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My company offers landscape installations for large and small yards. My crew and I tailor each installation to fit your needs.

  • We work with you for either full yard installations or installations done in phases
  • We install:
    • shrubs, perennials, trees, sod, gravel, mulch, matted cobble pavers, flagstone in fines, stone benches, boulders, trellises, and drips to the plants
    • For yards needing hardscape such as Belgard type pavers, concrete, block walls, pergolas, flagstone set in concrete, fencing, wood decking, or major irrigation work, I offer referrals to a small group of trusted and reputable contractors I’ve worked with for many years.
  • We use local suppliers for all of our plants.
  • We offer plant warranties for plants that are installed on drip irrigation at the time of planting. This warranty is to cover transplant shock.
    • 1 year warranty for trees
    • 90 day warranty for shrubs and perennials
    • We do not warranty transplanted plants
    • We do not warranty against damaged by insects, disease, hail, wind or animal damage


I started my landscape installation career by working with a landscape designer; I have since developed a style of my own that my clients love.

My webpage “Pick Your Plants” offers clients an opportunity to see a variety of plants that thrive in our environment, and allows clients to add their input on plant choices.

I offer CAD drawings (computer aided design) for work that my crew installs. The Cad drawings create a colored scale drawing of each project. The client can then better understand the use of color and plant size once the landscape matures. After I have completed the design, I go over the work with the client to see if there are any changes that we need to do before we proceed with the installation.


We do not require long term contracts. Our services are on demand, but be aware that our clients contact us well in advance to get on the schedule!

My company offers seasonal cleanups. Most of our seasonal cleanups are scheduled for early winter, through the colder months of the year when plants are dormant, and when you’re getting your yard ready for spring.

We’re also available to work with you during the growing season. We can keep your yard blooming by regularly cutting back your perennials and keeping those shrubs that grow wildly beyond the space you want to keep them in, under control!  We use proper pruning techniques and hand prune upon request.

Please note we ARE NOT a lawn service! We do not offer any lawn care (but we can install sod).

Our services include:

  • Seasonal or monthly clean ups
  • Pruning of shrubs and trees to 12’
  • Freshening up gravel and mulch
  • Leaf blowing
  • Plant removal
  • Expert pruning of roses and fruit trees as part of a full spring cleanup