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What Our Clients Say

Leslie did a great job for us at the most reasonable price of the other four bids we had. She worked with what we had, cleaned and spruced it up. Did away with a lot of overgrown cacti and other plants. We are really happy with the job she did. Very professional, on time and at the best price. I have already recommended her to friends.

— V.B., Albuquerque

The men called and said they would be 15 minutes late for the job done in February. They worked for several hours. I was not present for 3 hours. When I returned they had placed the edging exactly where I wanted and included all of the curves. I was very satisfied.

— K.U., Albuquerque

I first contacted the Garden Nanny about a year ago for ideas regarding augmenting my existing front and back yard landscaping. From the first time I met with Leslie, I knew I had chosen the perfect person for the job. She was prompt, professional, friendly and had incredible vision when she was describing the plans she had in mind for my yard. Her extensive plant knowledge and tremendous passion for what she does transformed my yard from the basic landscaping we had originally into a beautiful oasis of perfectly balanced plant placement and explosion of gorgeous color. Leslie and her crew are a pleasure to work with and everyone involved is prompt and courteous. After everything was done blooming and preparing for winter, I scheduled fall trimming and cleanup to prepare my yard for the following spring. The price is amazingly affordable for all they do and looks so nice. Now that spring is almost here, it is so exciting watching the yard start to wake up and come back to life! I'm having a few more plants added this spring and once again enjoyed meeting with Leslie last week to get ideas and schedule the work. I can honestly say this has been a fantastic experience from the initial landscaping plan and throughout the entire process of creating my beautiful yard. I felt involved every step of the way, communication was always easy and I felt that the cost of everything was very reasonable. This is a unique business for Albuquerque and I highly, highly recommend the Garden Nanny. She is A+++ and I feel so fortunate to have found her.

— D.G., Albuquerque

I love the Garden Nanny. For both the new yard installed at my rental and maintenance of my own yard, she uses her knowledge and experience to tailor her recommendations and work to fit my needs, budget, and schedule, Her team is always punctual, courteous and friendly, hard-working and thorough. The Garden Nanny replaced the neglected yard at my rental with a well-designed and manageable yard using low maintenance plants and gravel. She also designed, installed, and maintains my own front and back yards. Thank you Garden Nanny!

— R.C., Albuquerque

Leslie and her crew were very professional. My back yard is now beautiful, instead of the jungle it used to be. Leslie discussed options with me, and gave me clear estimates for cost. Furthermore, the actual cost came in under the estimates. I would highly recommend The Garden Nanny.

— E.C., Albuquerque

I started working with Leslie when she and her crew first did a very thorough yard clean-up for me. She suggested a number of changes to the yard (removing a dying tree, adding new plantings, installing two new trellises) that I could consider. She kept in touch over the winter and scheduled me for the work in early May. The trellises were even better than I'd imagined, and the additional plantings will bloom and grow throughout the season. Her crew was great: hard-working, experienced, and clearly enjoyed their jobs. I had a couple of small follow-up issues and they came right back to fix them. I will use Leslie the Garden Nanny again, and highly recommend her to others.

— A.O., Albuquerque

Leslie is extremely knowledgeable about high desert plantings and the requirements for each. I will definitely use The Garden Nanny when we make a final decision as to how we wish to proceed.

— C.K., Albuquerque

When they came the first time, they came and listened very carefully, found out what we wanted and did exactly what we said. They'd offer good advice if you ask. They seemed to really know what they're doing. Everything was done correctly and they were really thorough. I think it probably took them longer than what they had put on the first thing but she said that it's gonna take them longer but we won't get charged more. Everything was done very nicely and they cleaned up very well. We didn't have to go and pick up a stick after they left. They were thorough. It was very nicely done. Everything went really nice. We even got a letter from our homeowners association that said that our yard looks beautiful and it was them. They were the ones that had done it. It was really nice. They're very good. I'd give them an A on everything.

— T.F., Albuquerque

I have used The Garden Nanny for a number of projects, small and medium in size, including cleanups and installations. Without fail they have been stellar in professionalism, knowledge, work ethic, price, etc. Leslie worked with me through several visits and email exchanges to create a design that met my needs and values and at a good price. The work crew is absolutely delightful, extremely hard working, courteous, and always go the extra mile to do the job better than expected. They even transplanted several small cacti for me and did some trimming that was not on the agenda for today, but it was done in the interest of not missing a step in their work. My yard was a vast spread of crusher fines and dirt with a little cobble to define some areas before this transformation. I can't say enough good about this company, and couldn't be happier with all my interactions with them.

— B.R., Albuquerque

Landscaped front yard with a few plants and a tree. |Leslie is very professional. The work was exactly what I wanted.

— M.I., Albuquerque

Cleaned out flower beds, added new soil and mulch, planted 35 new plants and flowers. Also advised me about fertilizer and watering. They worked closely with me to plan types of plants and placement in the garden beds. They submitted a design sketch which I approved, and delivered exactly what they promised. I plan to use this service again in the Spring to prune and cut back overgrown plants, and to prepare the beds for planting.

— C.S., Albuquerque

Very punctual, responsible and interested in their own work quality. Showed personal interest in the customer and the yard work.

— S.T., Albuquerque

Trimmed shrubs and trees. Weeded rocked in perimeter. Weeded and raked back yard. Looks great. Good people to work with. Responded promptly. Fair price. Excellent service. I highly recommend the Nanny.

— M.S., Albuquerque

Cleaned up my landscaped front yard. It looks almost as good as when the landscaping was originally done! Love it!

— D.S., Albuquerque

The Garden Nanny's crew did a fantastic job of weeding my front, back and side yards; trimming bushes, shrubs and tree limbs as needed; and cleaning everything up perfectly. I was very impressed and will definitely use them again and have also recommended The Garden Nanny to my neighbor and friends.

— A.O., Albuquerque

Excellent, from first contact and estimate to the final clean up I was floored by the job done by the crew. Leslie made sure I was introduced to each worker who were friendly and not the least bit put off by my questions. The digging in preparation for the tree planting was done with care not to damage the questionable irrigation system. They made sure their truck and trailer were not a hindrance to the neighbors. They worked with speed and accuracy and it was more than reasonably priced.

If I ever want additional landscaping The Garden Nanny will be my first choice.

— M. VR., Rio Rancho

Note:, we did install new landscape. The Garden Nanny

It went fantastic, we are calling them again this fall to finish the front of my house. I would highly recommend them, she is a delight to deal with and her workers are amazing, we planned to schedule them on a regular basis because there work is awesome. I can't say enough good things about them.

— B. & G.G., Albuquerque

She was an excellent contractor and communicator. She came over to the job sight prior to the work being done to make sure that a report that she received was actually an error by the utility companies involved. She involved me in every step of the process. The crew showed up right on time. They had all of the proper tools and they were done within 45 minutes taking out a large Yucca Tree. They were professional, worked well together and they were fun to learn from. It did not bother them that I watched almost the entire process because I was curious about the Yucca, the root system and the removal process. I never doubted that they would have done an excellent job without me watching. What took them 45 minutes for them would have taken us at least 3 hours. This was well worth our money.

—T.C., Rio Rancho

Full front & backyard clean-up including removal of dead bushes; pruning of multiple hedges/trees; pulling weeds out of yard and hardscape areas; raking of debris; clean-up and removal of yard waste; blowing/clean-up of total yard area.

Leslie made an appointment to do the initial assessment/consult about the work to be completed and put together the bid. As promised, she sent the formalized bid by email with a very quick turnaround. It was accurate based-on what we had discussed and we moved forward accordingly.

Leslie worked schedules so that the service could be provided as quickly as possible and to work around my travel, giving me a heads-up during the initial consult around what the scheduling timeframe might look like. The day of the service, as discussed, the crew called to let me know what time they would arrive, and were on time as indicated. The crew was simply great -- professional, personable, focused, efficient, and clearly knew exactly the work to be performed. It was evident that Leslie had done an excellent job in communicating to her team about what needed to be done and the work that had been agreed to complete. No quibbling, questions, etc. -- they were there to do the work and quickly got after it!

This is exactly the type of service that I had been hoping for, from initial contact by Leslie to the completion of the work -- my expectations were exceeded! Thanks Leslie, David, and Gene for great work and your professionalism!!

— J.T., Albuquerque

Excellent crew, very professional job, yard was immaculate when they finished. I was especially impressed with their pruning work.

— K.S., Albuquerque

We contacted The Garden Nanny to enlist professional help in trimming the red photynnia and large rose bushes in the yard of the home we are leasing. We wanted the job done professionally, as we did not have tools or expertise to do it correctly.

Leslie LaBry came to our home, reviewed both front and back yards, and provided a detailed written estimate. We scheduled a date for services. Leslie LaBry and her 2 assistants arrived at our home at the appointed time/date. She reviewed the work with both myself and her crew. The two gentlemen went to work straightaway and were very polite and professional. They answered any questions we had as to maintenance, future pruning, etc.

The crew cleaned up all the dead leaves left over in the yard and all the clippings.

We will certainly be using The Garden Nanny in the future to maintain the yard.

— A.T., Albuquerque

I used The Garden Nanny to clean up my beds and prune my roses about a month ago. They also removed some dead in my snowball tree and ripped out some ivy. They cleaned out the dead part of a fig tree and planted a little bush for me and a juniper. I used her another time to trim my trees and some bushes and clean up the yard. Her name is Leslie. She is very good. She keeps her word and will call and let me know when she is coming so that impresses me. She doesn't change the dates on me. She has sent two different teams and they both did excellent work. Her prices are very reasonable. They are very efficient and very fast. She really tries hard to schedule when it is convenient for me and she keeps her appointments

— D.R., Albuquerque

Outstanding service and work performance. I appreciate that very much. Would highly recommend The Garden Nanny to anybody needing yard work done.

— L.F., Rio Rancho

Removed extensive weeds/grass from side of house and replaced weed barrier and round stone. They did an amazing job! Leslie always got back to me and kept me informed. The workers were on time and did an amazing job! We were so pleased. They were also very polite and professional. Can't say enough good things about Garden Nanny!

—M.H-D, Rio Rancho

I am getting ready to sell my condo and I wanted professional help to clean up the landscaping on my patio for showing. The patio is small, but it had been taken over by an overgrown tree, a unruly rosemary bush and needed general clean up. The Garden Nanny team pruned the tree and the rosemary, cleaned out other weeds and dead plants, and hauled away the waste.They did a great job! Leslie got back to me right away, even though I called late Friday. She came to my house the following Monday to look at the patio and give me an estimate. She explained everything they would do and answered all my questions. Then her team came out the same day and completed the work. They whole team was easy to work with and the results were great! In addition to basic pruning, they shaped the rosemary and performed other clean-up work to make the place look more attractive. Even though this was a small job, they treated it with the professionalism and courtesy of a big job. C.G., Abq

— C.G., Albuquerque